K&M 18811-000-91 Keyboard stacker, red

€ 131,30

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K&M 18811-000-91 Keyboard stacker, red

The perfect complement to the keyboard tables »Omega-E« 18800, »Omega« 18810 and »Omega Pro« 18820 for a second keyboard or a laptop. The large lower support arms can accommodate even the largest master keyboards. The upper support arms can also be adjusted in depth in 4 positions, so that the field of view is exposed to the lower keyboard. The attachment can be easily and quickly adjusted by a locking and clamping knob to the desired height. With the choice of 10 different heights everyone finds his personal best attitude. To further optimize the playing position, the upper support arms can be tilted in 5 steps from 0 ° (horizontal) to 20 °. Self-adhesive rubbers prevent scratching or slipping of the instruments. The essay is now also the basis for expansion to a 3rd level.