SAVAREZ A140XL Acoustic set Phosfore bronze, extra light

€  12,00

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SAVAREZ A140XL  Acoustic string  set, Phosfore bronze, extra light  010-047


245 years of experience in strings making and more than 70 years in the Acoustic Bronze and Phosphor Bronze allow SAVAREZ to introduce relevant improvements in terms of innovations regarding the newest acoustic strings range.
Those innovations apply to :
  •  the use of newest raw materials of highest quality combined in a very specific way maximize the characteristics of sound and playing
  •  the use of especially designed new machines : high precision, automatic controls.
  •  the creation of advanced making process assures a perfect precision in the elaboration of the strings and a permanent control of the quality.
The very specific quality of sound, the projection and the volume of the sound, the dynamic and the balance of the play have been defined by famous and well-know guitarists. They have played the strings uncompromisingly for months. Their advice and feedbacks have been decisive.