Zenko Metal Sounds Tongue drum Harmony

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Zenko Metal Sounds tongue drum Harmony

Zenko is a tongue drum (also called tank drum or metal tuned drum) designed and created by Metal Sounds. This melodic percussion instrument is the result of a long research & development program headed by the Metal Sound’s team, in collaboration with scientists and experts in the metal industry. All has been studied: the raw-material (stainless steel), the cutting of the blades , the assembly, the finish… And the results are incredible!

The Zenko emanates its sounds like smooth and soft waves. Its high harmonics content comes from a perfect tuning process that is also reliable along the years. It will produce differents sounds depending on the kind of play: by hands or with sticks (included).

The Harmony scale  A C-minor scale combined with C-major.  with the following notes:  C4, F4, Ab4, Bb4, C5, C#5, Eb5, F5, G4. ,  so it’s very versatile and can be used in any creative composition and/or jam session. For “open minded” artists!


  • weight 2.8 Kg (6.17 Lbs)
  • diameter 32 cm (12.6″)
  • height 13 cm (5.12″)
  • 9 notes: C4-F4-Ab4-Bb4-C5-C#5-Eb5-F5-G5
  • Deluxe bag included
  • Support ring included
  • Pair of sticks (vinyl tips) included