Contemporanea: original percussion instruments from Brazil

Contemporanea Brazilian percussion instruments

A path taken hand-in-hand with music: Contemporânea’s history began with the vision and attitude of a man who always trod the paths of a pioneer: Miguel Fasanelli, a former counter salesman in a traditional musical instrument store in São Paulo.

A new beat created in Rio, the ‘pagode‘ now became popular during the jam sessions of samba musicians at Mr. Miguel’s store. Among the exchange of ideas between players from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, there emerged a need for the creation of specific instruments for pagode-style music. After a number of tests and changes, Contemporânea presented a new trio of instruments: the Tantam, the Rebolo and the Repique de Mão.” With the success of these, the wind instrument workshop lost space to the manufacturing and selling of samba and pagode instruments.

Contemporânea’s history has always been marked by friendship, respect, seriousness and dedication, just as Mr. Miguel proposed back in 1946.

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Resultaat 1–40 van de 60 resultaten wordt getoond